The Lilian Edwards franchise of trendy designer clothing stores is available nationwide as well as internationally. Down payment and monthly fees required. Requirement to comply with the brand image. Mandatory monthly recharge specified in advance.
The package includes international branding and promotional materials, specialized training and support, industry know-how and an innovative business plan.

For more information, you can contact us on the phone +359 895 545454, as well as on our e-mail:

Unique designer clothes

Eight years of experience in the details of garment making transform our products into quality garments with an eternally modern design.

Lillian Edwards is well known for her prints with a modern look, fresh ideas and a particular emphasis on fashion. Each garment is made with unsurpassed attention to detail and quality. The excellence comes from the absolutely unique look of the models.

In addition to the scheduled collections, Lillian Edwards produces weekly collections with stock fabrics from global designers. Short series in single pieces, but exclusive models.

The brand has built-up know-how in the business and trade of clothes. All marketing materials, designs and image will be provided.

Lilian Edwards defends uniform prices for wholesalers.

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